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Music Promotion: Americana Radio, Triple-A Radio, College Radio, Digital-Streaming Promotion

We believe that radio and streaming exposure ARE the nexus...



"Marketing is nothing more than connecting something interesting to willing ears."

 -Jac Holtzman, founder of Elektra Records

Twin Vision is a music marketing and promotion company founded in 1988. We specialize in service to independent labels and artists.

We have a track record of getting new independent artists airplay on significant radio outlets in the US and worldwide.

Our specialty is Triple-A, Americana, and College radio, the primary formats for independently released music. Besides terrestrial radio, we target internet and satellite outlets. We also offer promotion to all the main digital and streaming service outlets.

We consult on how a radio promotion campaign attracts industry connections, increases media traffic, and gets gigs. We advise and direct clients to connections and contacts for marketing, street teams, publicity, international licensing, label affiliation, and booking agents. As a result, we help clients reach their preconceived goals and inspire new ones.

Contact us for a consultation. We will go over the state of radio now and what to expect from a promotion. Expect your horizons to be broadened.


Meet The Team

Peter Hay

Founder & CEO

Peter has been promoting to the Triple-A and Americana radio formats since their inception in the early 90's  He has developed deep and broad relationships with the Music and Program Directors, many spanning over 20 years. After decades in the music business, he is still doing what he did at the start as a young A&R person: discovering new artists and finding ways they can fit in the marketplace. For more, go to this interview he did for 

Sali Ziel

Director of College & Genre Promotion

Sali handles most of the stations that report to North American College & Community Charts (NACC), which include college/alt-rock and specialty genres, such as folk. She champions independent artists, passionately pushing for their voices to be heard.
Learn More About Sali and her amazing career in radio from her interview with 


Kate Hay

Director of Digital Media

Kate is your go-to person for all digital-streaming promotions, as well as taking care of all the digital aspects of your radio promotion. She has been working with her uncle Peter and the Twin Vision Team since 2015.

She is passionate about helping independent artists find a larger audience.

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Dr. Karla

Talent Acquisition & Radio Promoter

Karla currently makes her home in Tucson, Arizona. Prior to that she lived in the birthplace of the blues, Mississippi where she earned her Ph.D in English. However, it was the nineteen years living and working in New York City, where she was introduced to the world of live rock music. She has worked for Twin Vision since 2010. In addition to music, Karla’s interests include creating comics and zines, and vegan cooking. She lives with her two tortie cats, Fiona and Ruby.



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"Your work has been tremendous and both Ben and I are so grateful and happy. Thank you! Hoping to work together again very very soon."
-Elizabeth Freund For Ben Harper's Mad Bunny Records and Beautiful Day Media Representing Ringo Starr 

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